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Novelties at IPM 2013

Our exciting new roses and clematis will be presented at IPM 2013

Our new varieties only constitute 0.2 pro mille of the seeds sown 4-8 years ago. These plants are tested again and again to ensure that only the very best reach the marketplace. All our introductions have Long Decorative Value™ which means that they have exceptional keeping quality in all links of the supply chain – at the breeder, during transport to the wholesaler and retail outlet as well as with the consumer. When the keeping quality is this good, the plants are able to handle longer transport times and thereby greater distances. The fact that they are so hardy means less waste and enhanced results for wholesalers and retailers.

This year, we will be presenting roses and clematis that can be grown outdoors, roses and clematis that can be grown indoors and roses and clematis that can be grown both indoors and outdoors. We have selected eight of the new varieties which will already be available in the shops in the spring of 2013 and in larger volumes in 2014 – these are included here.

Clematis for window sills and ground cover

The wonderful Luzia™ Flora™ Evipo068(N) clematis is no more than approx. 25 centimetres when it is on sale in shops. It is therefore perfect as decoration for a window sill where its fantastic, dark magenta-coloured flowers will look beautiful for weeks. When it has finished flowering, it can be placed outside in the garden, e.g. in a pot, where it will flower again. Clematis in the FLORA™ collection to which this variety belongs does not grow to a height of more than one metre which means that it is suitable for pots where the richly flowering blooms pour over the edge of the pot. It can also be used as ground cover in garden beds where it will grow denser and wider with every year.

Richly flowering rose with good keeping quality for the patio

We will also be introducing the intensely yellow PATIOHIT® rose called Ethel™ Poulpah075.. As it does not grow to a height of more than 30-40 centimetres, it is very well suited to pots on the patio where its beautiful fragrance can be enjoyed at close range and give a dull area a quick boost. Flowers and buds are large and the rose flowers continuously.

See more of our new varieties at IPM.

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