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Poulsen® in the TASPO Award finals 2013

Again this year Poulsen Roser has reached the finals for the TASPO-Awards in the category

Der Green Solutions Award - Züchtung des Jahres (breed of the year)

We reached the finals with the wonderful FLORA™ clematis Luiza™, which also created huge interest at the IPM Essen this year.

Reasons for reaching the finals 

  • After more than 20 years of intense breeding, Poulsen Roser managed to break the genetic code in clematis by making them dwarf instead of climbing. The varieties within the FLORA™ collection are the most unique novelties in the last years. 
  • As more and more garden owners search for plants which are suitable for small spaces, this unique clematis fulfils the need of the customers, because it can easily be placed in a pot on a balcony or on the terrace (the height is only 30-50 cm). 
  • The flowering is contiguously throughout the summer, and the flowering is rich and intense and therefore meets the requirements from customers about non-stop flowering. Used a ground cover this plant is unique.
  • This clematis is one of the new generation of clematis from Poulsen Roser specially bred for production as a container plant. The hardiness is good as the plant will come back year after year.
  • The production time is only 7-9 weeks when ready half plants are delivered from the propagation nursery
  • The plant is production friendly because it is heathy and resistant of the most common clematis diseases and you don’t have to use fungicide, pesticides or growth regulators.
  • This clematis has no energy requirements what so ever – apart from a frost-free environment - thus cost reduction and low CO2 consumption

Special product features

Product Features

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